LIEBE a German word that means LOVE.

We develop construction, maintenance and remodeling works; including building, painting, cleaning, and properties arrangements in houses and buildings, to show the love of God in a practical way, exercising service with passion, mercy and love to whomever has a determined need.

We visit elderly homes, families and/or persons that live alone to transform the atmosphere into a comfortable place filled with the presence of God, and for that presence to mark their lives.

Hurricane Relief

Hurricane María brought us the opportunity to bless our own country.

In a short, medium and long term, we have been working with the reconstruction of roofs and houses. The hurricane left entire families homeless or with houses which roofs have been affected and every time it rains, water and moisture gets in, affecting their belongings and even the health of those who live there. For this reason we continue to invite teams of: YWAM Bases, Churches, Secondary Schools and other volunteers, with the desire to impact families through service, building and repairing homes, and to show the love of God in a practical way.

Those teams of YWAM, Churches, Schools / Secondary Schools and / or volunteers, who wish to come to help in the reconstruction, should write to:

If you wish to send a financial contribution for the materials and/or reconstruction tasks and help, you can also contact us in the aforementioned email.