About us



YWAM Urbano is part of YOUTH WITH A MISSION, an international and interdenominational non-profit organization dedicated to equip, to train and to send all people from different nationalities to do voluntary and social work. It’s geared to work in different areas of society and has a call to serve in the neighborhood, the city and therefore, the nation.

Our objective is to mobilize others to offer company, fisical help, practical, spiritual and discipleship to every person in need. We do this through arts, sports, mercy work, working with kids, adolescents, youth and adults through training and mobilization with the intention to spread the love of God to our nation and other nations.

Our compromise is geared to the integral development of the people and to see life’s transformed that can be healthily develop in our society.

We mobilize to churches, schools, private schools, hospitals and other places to work in different activities, workshops and teachings. We work with kids, adolescents, youth and adults.

As a international missionary movement we count with more that 1,500 locations around the world in more than 187 countries with a team of more than 18,000 volunteers in different nations and denominations all called by God to do missions work, equipping and mobilizing as many people as posible to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole world.



We understand that the city has a crucial importance in the society, because is the center of political, economical and social movements of a country.

In front of this reality, we belive that Ywam and the church have the responsibility of participating and providing opportunities for social transformation from a biblical perspective where we can take action through the mobilization, to fulfill with the mission of God.



We influence the 7 spheres of society

 1. Family

2. Education

3. Entertainment

4. Science and Technology

5. Economy

6. Government

7. Church